Junior Search Marketing Specialist

APR 20, 2022

Want to gain experience and grow your skill set in paid marketing? Then you have come to the right place! We are currently looking for a Junior Search Marketing Specialist who’s eager to learn and wants to join a fast growing scale-up with more than 1,000,000 users worldwide!

No one likes to do mileage documentation - so we try to remove this tedious work and make our customers’ work life simpler by saving them time and money.

The opportunity

At Driversnote you will get the opportunity to learn and improve your skills in paid marketing with guidance from experienced colleagues. Driversnote already has a well-performing funnel and lots of potential to grow in many new ways, and we need a junior specialist, like you, to assist us in taking our paid marketing to the next level. 

You will be part of a small but growing marketing team currently consisting of Klaus, Senior Paid Search Specialist, Katerina, Marketing/Communication Specialist, and Kristian, CMO. Together we have more than 25+ years of experience, but we are still eager to keep learning and set time aside for this each week.

The role

This role lies at the crossroads of being analytical and hands-on working directly with our different paid channels. We expect you to focus on supporting our paid marketing activities while looking out for promising trends in the pursuit of new growth opportunities. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Analyse, optimise and create ads on Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Facebook Ads etc.
  • Setting up landing pages for new ads.
  • Create creatives for new and current ads.
  • Perform daily account management on our various paid channels.
  • Update and analyse paid marketing reports.
  • Run experiments and analyse data to help reveal growth opportunities.

Examples of projects you might be responsible for:

  • Localising and testing out new ad types on new and current marketing channels.
  • Optimise paid ads in the US on a state level looking for growth opportunities in the individual states

You must:

  • Be fluent in English and have excellent communication/writing skills; you get a message across in just a few sentences.
  • Be business orientated and focused on ROI
  • Be eager to learn and develop new skills
  • Be analytical, structured, and committed to a metrics-driven approach.
  • Be attentive to details.
  • Be motivated to join a young, dedicated team with a very flat hierarchy.

Look here for bonus points:

  • Experience with social media advertising, marketing automation, incl. email marketing or Amazon advertising.
  • Have experience with SQL or Google Data Studio (or other data viz tools).
  • Know a bit of HTML/CSS.
  • You take an interest in behavioural economics, user experience design, the jobs-to-be-done theory or the like.

What we believe in

Vision & mission: We work to eliminate work-life hassles to let people focus on what matters. Today, that means removing the pain and trivial work of handling mileage, while providing peace of mind that nothing is forgotten and all rules are followed.

Product-led: We focus our work on the end-user and optimise for bottom-up adoption. People's use of our product is what leads to our growth. We sell through our product and as self-service. We invest in customer success instead of outbound sales. Our marketing is focused on people with a need, leading them to the product.

Lean & data-driven: We try to get a deep understanding of the problems we’re solving. But we also acknowledge that we often can’t predict the outcome of our work. So we believe in an experiment-based approach to product development with short build-measure-learn cycles. For this reason, we also don’t believe in detailed plans for more than 3 months ahead.

Long-term & compounding: We invest in things that will have a continuous return and compound. We e.g. prefer a 1% improvement of activation rate over a €100k deal. We’re self-funded, so we don’t stress about the next funding round, and take the time to go into depth with our work.

Who we are

A successful Driversnote is based on the people who make up our great team. A team who continuously scores trust and empowerment with high marks because we let builders build and keep a flat hierarchy.

Team members are expected to exercise responsibility, use their experience to influence decisions, flag if something can be done better, and keep learning. As with everyone else in the company, you’ll be a key player as we keep developing our product, marketing, and team.

We understand that even though we work closely together as a team, we still have individual needs when it comes to how you balance your work and personal life. At Driversnote we offer the flexibility to work remotely when it is a better fit. But when you are at our offices, we offer a central location, close to the metro, at a community co-working space for entrepreneurs and tech startups with plenty of social events and opportunities for learning and expanding your network of cool, entrepreneurial people.

We offer a great lunch cooked by in-house chefs every day - and our snack and drinks game is up to speed, as well as our team events, sports club, Friday bars, and celebrations.

As a team we truly enjoy spending time together and we are looking to welcome new team members to share this with.

How to apply

If you’re interested, please send us an application by clicking the button below. We have a few questions that you should expect to spend 10 - 15 minutes answering, and you’ll also get the chance to attach a resume, etc.

We’ll accept applications until May 18th. After this, we expect to take a couple of days to review all applications and get back to you no later than May 20th. If you have been shortlisted, we will ask you to perform a short written case before moving on to a face-to-face interview shortly after this.

For more information or questions please contact CMO Kristian on phone number +45 20 40 32 37 or email kt@driversnote.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!